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SLP Fenders

Why do we use fenders? 

Fenders offer real protection for the vessel and the dock from being damaged by the heavy and abnormal impacts during mooring and berthing periods. The abilities to absorb energy and reduce the reaction forces yielded by the abrasive action provide more advantages in terms of extending the life and usefulness of the port. Selecting the right fenders provides benefits to the contractors in terms of saving on the material costs like steel and concrete. Therefore, the conditions such as the structure of the wharf and the size and type of berthing ship must be considered.

Why SLP Fenders?

SLP uses the best materials to produce and maintain high quality fenders which are robust, last longer and require less maintenance. The sophisticated systems are designed and checked by qualified engineers in order to offer better performance and hence improved operational efficiency.


SLP Rubber Fenders

SLP Marine Rubber Fenders are available in the following types: Cylindrical Fender For many years, cylindrical fenders have been used to protect ships and wharves. Economical solution is offered due to the simple installation and operation. These units are suitable for remotely located wharves with a wide variety vessel size. Cylindrical fenders are available in …


Anchors Anchors are important accessories to ensure the service lifetime or marine fenders. They are the essential nuts and bolts to keep the fenders securely in place. SLP’s anchors are made from high tensile steel with hot dip galvanization finish. We provides 2 types of anchors, namely J-bolt and straight anchors which are intended for …

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