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Rice Hulling Rolls

position of rice hulling roll inside the huller machineNIRI rice hulling rolls are used to remove the husk from brown rice, that is why it is also called rice husking roll or rice husker. Rice hulling roll is also called rice rubber roller. Two of these rubber rolls are installed in a rubber-roller huller. This machine is known as the most efficient hulling machine as it yields minimum broken or cracked grain.

NIRI rice hulling rolls are available in several sizes which differentiate the hulling capacity of the rubber rolls. In one rubber-roller huller, two rolls of the same size are installed as shown in the figure. However, these rolls operate at different speeds in order to remove the husk. To achieve maximum efficiency, the hull must be dried until 14% moisture content is reached.

Why NIRI rolls?

  • Reduced breakage of rice grains
  • High hulling capacity
  • Healthy and non-toxic, cause no pollution to rice and bran
  • Clean, bright and white rice grains
  • Over 40 years of experience in manufacturing high quality rice hulling rolls
  • ISO 9001 certified production system

Our brands are NIRI Maxton, Flying Horse, Panther, and Rajawali. The  hulling capacities are presented in the table below (data were taken for the 6″ rice rubber roll):


Hulling Capacity (tons of brown rice)

NIRI Maxton


Flying Horse






Note: The result above may differ based on the grain moisture content, cleanliness, rice type, and hulling method.

SizesBrands of NIRI rice rubber roller

NIRI rice rubber rolls are available in the following sizes:

1. 10” x 10”

2. 8¾” x 6”

3. 8¾” x 4”

4. 6⅝” x 4”

5. 6¼” x 2½”

Quality assurance and control

The quality assurance process starts from the raw materials until the products are ready for delivery. We perform the following tests so that our customers will only receive the best from us:

1. Rheometer test:

a. Compound checking

b. Compound control

2. Visual and dimensional tests:

a. Balancing test

b. Hardness test

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