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Oil & Gas Rubber Parts

The functions of oil & gas rubber parts

Oil & gas rubber parts are used in the oil and gas industry mainly in various forms from seals to expansion joints. In addition, due to their flexibility, rubber parts are able to expand, which allows for use in pipe connections as flexible (expansion) joints. Rubber parts can also be used as seals due to their ability to creat vacuum. Moreover, these seals and connectors will create non-slippery surface to hold the components connected to them in place.

Oil and gas rubber parts are especially designed to withstand high pressure and high temperature as well as harsh chemical exposure. They are engineered to be long lasting with minimum maintenance since the downtime for replacement and maintenance usually mean extra cost to the company due to lost productivity.

Samudera Luas Paramacitra manufactures oil and gas rubber parts in various forms and sizes to suit the needs of different oil and gas companies. Our oil and gas rubber parts include expansion joints, butterfly valves, rubber linings and rubber pistons. Contact our sales in 0231-510765 or 0231-510769 for more information.



Rubber Expansion Joint

Expansion joints are devices that are used for piping systems in order to absorb thermal expansion or terminal movement. As the climate conditions change, these units are flexible to expand and contact from hot to cold. Transverse and angular movements are also capable to be accommodated; hence, the operation of the system remains functional. Expansion …

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