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AnchorsMarine Fender Accessories - Anchor Mild Steel Hot Dip Galvanised or Anchor Stainless Steel (SS-304)

Anchors are important accessories to ensure the service lifetime or marine fenders. They are the essential nuts and bolts to keep the fenders securely in place. SLP’s anchors are made from high tensile steel with hot dip galvanization finish. We provides 2 types of anchors, namely J-bolt and straight anchors which are intended for different applications as explained below.

  • J-bolt anchors

J-bolt anchors are designed for newly built structures. These bolts are set in place before the concrete is poured and the bent part will create resistance to keep the fender anchored to the dock.

  • Straight anchors

Straight anchors are designed for existing structures. These anchors are placed in holes drilled into the existing structure and set in place using concrete resin.


SLP Bollards

Bollard is used to secure a boat or ship on a quay or wharf during mooring position. SLP Bollards are available in three different shapes and a wide range of load ratings which have all been tested by our qualified engineers. SLP Bollards are made of cast iron. Bollards can be installed using 3 different options: embedded, through and retrofit. Before they can be used, bollards are coated to prolong their lifetime by protecting them against excessive corrosion. Bollards are then mounted using bollard anchorages, which are made of stainless steel. We can guarantee that SLP Bollards are highly stable in order to provide safe and secure mooring. The three different types of bollards we provide are straight, curved and CVS bollards.

SLP Curved Bollard - cast iron

  • SLP Curved Bollard 

    SLP Curved Bollard can handle high line load angles. This bollard type is available in up to 100 MT capacity.


SLP Straight Bollard - cast iron

  • SLP Straight Bollard 

SLP Straight Bollard can handle high line load angles up to 160o. This bollard type is available in up to 200 MT capacity.



SLP CVS Bollard

  • SLP CVS Bollard 

SLP CVS Bollard can handle high line load angles up to 160o. This bollard type is available in up to 200 MT capacity.

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