SLP D Fenders: Protecting Your Berthing Structures and Vessels

When it comes to marine safety, D fenders often come to mind. D fenders, as the name suggests, come in the shape of the letter D with a cavity in the middle. DD fenders have D-shaped cavity in the middle while DO fenders have O-shaped middle cavity.

D fenders can be produced as follows:

  1. 100% rubber (without steel plate), usually to be installed on vessels
  2. Using steel plates, usually to be installed on berthing structures.

Because of its compact shape, D fender is suitable for relatively small berthing structures, either wooden, concrete or floating docks serving small and medium-sized vessels. D fenders can also be mounted on harbor tugs, fishing boats, and barges as bumpers.

PT Samudera Luas Paramacitra’s (SLP) D fenders have been used in many ports and harbours throughout Indonesia. These rubber fenders are manufactured through a molding process under high pressure and temperature, resulting in a non-porous, homogeneous rubber compound for optimum performance. The advantages of the SLP D Fender are:

• Made of high quality raw materials for durability and quality

• Good energy absorption rate

• Good resistance to salt water

• Easy to install and maintain or replace

• Available in various sizes

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