Super Cone Fender (SCF)

Although often under reported, marine traffic accidents have become a concern. The National Search and Rescue Agency has reported that in the Maluku Islands alone there were 45 cases of marine traffic accidents in 2019(1). Most of these accidents can be prevented with the installation of marine traffic signs and proper placement of lighthouses and light buoys.

Apart from that, marine fenders in docks play a vital role in preventing berthing-related damage. Marine fenders come in all shapes and sizes, such as:

  1. Cylindrical fenders
  2. V-type fenders
  3. A-type fenders
  4. D-type fenders
  5. M-type fenders
  6. Super cone fenders
  7. Super cell fenders
  8. ARCH/ Lambda fenders

In this article, we are going to have a closer look at super cone fenders. The cone-like shape of these fenders provides stability. This type of fenders is installed with frontal frames that help to prevent damage to vessels and docking structures from secondary impact.

PT Samudera Luas Paramacitra has been manufacturing fenders since 2000. Our super cone fenders are superior in the following ways:

  1. They have the optimum shape, function and performance because they have undergone rigorous research and testing
  2. They are efficient in terms of cost as compared to dock or vessel repair
  3. They can withstand bigger impact
  4. They perform well in both high and low tides

For further information regarding super cone fenders, contact us on 0823 2018 9998 or visit our landing page in



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