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SLP Rubber Fenders

SLP Marine Rubber Fenders are available in the following types:

  • Cylindrical FenderSLP Marine Rubber Fender, dock fender - cylindrical type

For many years, cylindrical fenders have been used to protect ships and wharves. Economical solution is offered due to the simple installation and operation. These units are suitable for remotely located wharves with a wide variety vessel size. Cylindrical fenders are available in a wide selection of sizes and diameters.

Cylindrical fenders can be installed horizontally or vertically depending on the structure of the wharf. Galvanized chains, support bars and/or brackets are utilized to suspend the fenders according to the size and the intended application of the fenders. The cylindrical type has a quite high reaction force compared to other fender types.


  • SLP V Fender (SVF)

SLP Marine Rubber Fender, dock fender - V type fenderThe V-shaped fenders are suitable for smaller or medium sized wharves. This type of fenders uses steel plates which are embedded on each base to reduce the possibility of breakage and cracking around the holes of the anchor. As the plates are covered by rubber, high durability service life can be achieved. This causes V-fender is more economical compared to other type of fenders. The steel plates also aid the installation of the fender to be mounted securely on the wall of the wharf. The easy and stable installations are offered by this type of fender due the oval holes for anchors located on the two legs to mount the fender firmly to the right position. High energy absorption and low reaction force make these units preferable. Wide size ranges are available.


  • SLP A-Fender (SAF)SLP Marine Rubber Fender - Type A Fender

The A-shaped fenders are suitable for medium to large sized vessels. Likewise V-fenders, this type of fender also uses steel plates embedded on the base, make it easy to be installed. The units can be installed horizontally and vertically, depending on its purpose. High energy absorption and low reaction force are offered.


  • SLP M-Fender (SMF)

SLP Marine Rubber Fender, dock fender - Type M FenderThe M-shape fenders offer high energy absorption and low reaction force. The double arch shape reduced stress concentration. This type of fender is easy to install as each unit has two open legs which are mounted on steel plates. The energy capacity a fender can load depends on its size.



  •  SLP Super Cone Fender (SSCF)SLP Marine Rubber Fender - Type Supercone

The cone fender has a highly efficient shape with its conical shape which stabilizes the body of the fender. Therefore, the combination of high energy capacity and low reaction force are achieved. These units are excellent for large berthing angles and shear. Easy and fast installation and robustness are offered. This type of fender is suitable for monopiles, dolphins, open piled jetties, container and bulk terminals, etc.


  •  Super-Cell Fender (SCF)

SLP Marine Rubber Fender - Type Super cellThe super-cell fenders are cylindrical elastomeric section which vulcanized with the steel permanently bonded to the main column. This fender type is supplied with frontal frames to provide a wide contact area with the vessel as well as reduce pressure against the vessel hulls. These units offer very high energy absorption with low reaction force. Therefore, these units are suitable for the berthing of very large vessels. At angular berthing, this fender type performs well. Therefore, superior performance and high durability are achieved.



  • Lambda Fender (LMD) SLP Marine Rubber Fender, dock fender - Type Lambda

LMD-type fender is economical and has high durability. The durability is attributed to the high energy absorption caused by the rubbing board on the top which concentrates the stress during the operation of energy absorption. Therefore, these units can achieve stable performance.


  • D-Fender

SLP Marine Rubber Fender, dock fender - Type D

D-Fenders are ideal for smaller jetties and wharves intended for fishing boats, tugs, or barges. This type of fender is also used on pontoons, tugs, and buoys for lock protection. Circular bore makes them easy to install. High energy absorption capacity is offered.

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