Our company manufactures a wide range of products, most of which are rubber based. These products are divided into 5 main categories, namely rice hulling (RH) rolls, marine rubber fenders, precured (PC) rubber, oil and gas rubber parts, and rubber articles. Apart from RH rolls and PC rubber, the other products can be custom made to suit our customers’ requirements.

NIRI Rice Hulling Roll - Rubber Roller - Rice Rubber RollSLP Marine Rubber Fender - Dock Fender NIRI Rubber Precure - Precured Tread Rubber

SLP Rubber Expansion Joint


Rice Hulling Rolls

NIRI rice hulling rolls are used to remove the husk from brown rice, that is why it is also called rice husking roll or rice husker. Rice hulling roll is also called rice rubber roller. Two of these rubber rolls are installed in a rubber-roller huller. This machine is known as the most efficient hulling …

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SLP Marine Rubber Fenders & Accessories

Why do we use fenders?  Fenders offer real protection for the vessel and the dock from being damaged by the heavy and abnormal impacts during mooring and berthing periods. The abilities to absorb energy and reduce the reaction forces yielded by the abrasive action provide more advantages in terms of extending the life and usefulness …

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Precured (PC) Rubber

PT Samudera Luas Paramacitra just launched our new product, pre-cured rubber, in 2011. Even though this product is considered new, we can guarantee that this product has comparative advantage in terms of durability and quality. We manufacture PC rubber in various sizes range and 2 product grades depending on its application. The production line and …

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Oil & Gas Rubber Parts

The functions of oil & gas rubber parts Oil & gas rubber parts are used in the oil and gas industry mainly in various forms from seals to expansion joints. In addition, due to their flexibility, rubber parts are able to expand, which allows for use in pipe connections as flexible (expansion) joints. Rubber parts …

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Rubber Articles

As a company dedicated to bringing the best for our customers, SLP always seeks to meet customer requirements. This became the reason we started manufacturing customized rubber articles. The articles listed on this page can be manufactured in various sizes and in certain cases, shapes. With adequate design and specific requirements, we can ensure you …

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