Choosing the right type of marine rubber fender

The main aim of installing marine rubber fender is to protect both the vessel and the dock from major failure during the berthing period. External forces, such as abrasion or other natural factors can possibly occur during the berthing process. Therefore, marine rubber fenders are made to solve this problem, and therefore, more money can be saved due to less vessel or dock fixing.

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NIRI Rubber Precure – The best solution for vulcanized tire

As vehicle owners, we need to save some money for our vehicle maintenance. One of the expenses is to change several parts of the vehicle which have been worn out such as tires. Tires must be replaced frequently to prevent accident caused by slip. If one only owns a car, such frequent replacement is not a big problem. However, if one owns several vehicles, for instance trucks for business needs, the cost will be a serious problem as the cost of a new tire is quite expensive. Therefore, there is an alternative in solving this problem by using vulcanized tires or also known as retreaded tires. Vulcanized tires are made from worn tires which are then layered with rubber precure. Since these tires require no new casings, the cost of the tires will be lower than that of new tires. Read the rest of this entry »

Maintenance of Marine Rubber Fender

Marine rubber fender is a system used to prevent the vessel and dock from being damaged during berthing operations. Natural factors, such as large waves and strong winds, usually have the biggest contribution to damaging both the vessel and port. Hence, in order to protect both assets, it is recommended that marine rubber fender is installed in every port and dock. Rubber fender is available in various types and sizes. Several factors whichmust be considered in choosing the right type of rubber fender are: type of dock, type and configuration of vessels that moor, and the berthing speed.

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