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Commitment to Quality

In accordance with our mission to deliver only the best in terms of products and services, we introduced ISO 9001 quality management system to our operation since October 2007. Along with it, we have been reinforcing our training centre and  recruitment system to ensure a good quality of human resource to support our growing business. In 2011, we began implementing the Six Sigma methodology to accelerate our path to stable and manageable quality.

We realise that good quality does not come solely from the human resource but also from a robust quality assurance system. Therefore, aside from the traditional laboratory testing, we also introduced built in quality into our processes. This will enable us to detect any occurring defects before they reach the end of the production line and minimise the time required for any rework. Stringent quality standards are put in place, involving not only our Quality Assurance and Quality Control but also operators on the floor. Such practice helps us identify defects and find broken processes before the effect gets out of control. 

Last but not least, laboratory testing is still required for stable long-term quality. Samples are collected at differenttimes during the day to check if our production is still in control. Our laboratory facilities are constantly being upgraded to meet the market’s demand for more reliable products.

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