About Us

PT Samudera Luas Paramacitra (SLP) is one of the leading Indonesian manufacturers specializing in rubber products. We are constantly maintaining our product quality and give competitive prices. We always try to give our best service to the customer as client satisfaction is our company’s motto.

The production line is constantly upgraded by our research and development team in order to improve the production efficiency, product quality and invent new techniques. We provide adequate and continuous trainings for our personnels in order to make sure that the quality of the products is well-maintained. All the products undergo the quality assurance check before being sent to the customer.

Our company manufactures a wide range of products, most of which are rubber based. These products include rice hulling (RH) rolls, marine rubber fenders (including its accessories), rubber articles, precured (PC) rubber, oil and gas rubber parts, and rubber expansion joints. Apart from RH rolls and PC rubber, the other products can be custom made to suit our customers’ requirements.

Samudera Luas Paramacitra Present Day


Netherlands Indische Rubber Industrie (NIRI) was established in 1936 in Cirebon. It started as a kerosene trading company. NIRI used to source kerosene from overseas to be resold in Indonesia and several neighboring countries. The radical change took place in 1955 . The company changed direction towards rubber manufacture since Pertamina started dominating the local …

Vision & Mission

Vision World class environmentally friendly rubber industry. Mission We are the SLP team (speed, leadership and persistence) who constantly innovates by optimizing every resource to manufacture the best products so that mankind can enjoy life in balance, longevity and abundance.

Core Values

1. Integrity  It is important to us that our business conduct abides by high moral standard. Integrity is highly encouraged in our company as the basic to continually achieve higher standards and earn respect as an ethical corporation. 2. Discipline Our commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in our cooperation and punctuality. Procedural conduct ensures …

Commitment to Quality

In accordance with our mission to deliver only the best in terms of products and services, we introduced ISO 9001 quality management system to our operation since October 2007. Along with it, we have been reinforcing our training centre and  recruitment system to ensure a good quality of human resource to support our growing business. In 2011, we …

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