Monthly Archive: August 2012

Choosing the right type of marine rubber fender


The main aim of installing marine rubber fender is to protect both the vessel and the dock from major failure during the berthing period. External forces, such as abrasion or other natural factors can possibly occur during the berthing process. Therefore, marine rubber fenders are made to solve this problem, and therefore, more money can …

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NIRI Rubber Precure – The best solution for vulcanized tire

As vehicle owners, we need to save some money for our vehicle maintenance. One of the expenses is to change several parts of the vehicle which have been worn out such as tires. Tires must be replaced frequently to prevent accident caused by slip. If one only owns a car, such frequent replacement is not …

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Maintenance of Marine Rubber Fender


Marine rubber fender is a system used to prevent the vessel and dock from being damaged during berthing operations. Natural factors, such as large waves and strong winds, usually have the biggest contribution to damaging both the vessel and port. Hence, in order to protect both assets, it is recommended that marine rubber fender is …

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